How To Enable 2-Step Verification To Make WhatsApp Safer

WhatsApp again released a new feature of 2-step verification in order to improve its user security. The function of this verification is to secure the WhatsApp number so that it is not easy to re-enroll except with the 6 PINS that we have previously created.

How to enable 2-step verification to make WhatsApp safer

If you still do not understand the usefulness of this 2-step verification I will explain with a example. For example, you happen to forget to put the HP in public place then the HP is taken by others, because it wants all your data deleted that person do a hard reset so that the settings return to factory settings.

Well, after successfully deleting all the data that someone who took your phone was actually wanted to open a whatsApp chat, if 2-step verification has not been enabled by the person easily login to WhatsApp chat, but if 2-step verification whatsApp is already activated, whatsApp chat can not be opened before the person fills in the 6 PINS you have created before.

So, the essence of this 2-step verisfication activation so that your mobile number is not easily plowed by others even if you forgot or lost the gadget. But because this feature is still beta, so it's easy to disable without having to know what the code is.

How to enable WhatsApp 2-Step verification
Log in to WhatsApp and select Settings menu or
Select > Account > 2-Step verification > > Tap the Enable button
Enter the 6 digit PIN and re-enter to confirm the PIN
Next email content then reconfirm your email (ACTIVE EMAIL)
Click Save
How do I disable it? Too easy actually..

How to disable 2-step verification for WhatsApp
Go to whatsApp settings menu
Choose two-Step verification
Last Select Deactivate

It's so easy to enable two-step verification on Whatsapp, yes please try. Hopefully this information is useful.